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This 11"X17” Northern Afghanistan Travel Poster is one of three posters that highlights and displays some of the main regions of Afghanistan. Each Travel Poster features unique imagery specifically chosen for the region as well as a slogan. The imagery for this travel poster was inspired by the rugged and lush mountains that dominate most of Northern Afghanistan. Taking in the views from a high vantage point is a dog handler and his trusty canine. The military working dog is a critical asset to any military fighting force and a constant reminder of how far a dog will go in order to live up to it's age old motto of, "man's best friend." The slogan for the Northern Afghanistan travel poster is, "Take In The Views." Northern Afghanistan really is home to some of the world’s most beautiful views. It's a shame that very few people have had the privilege of seeing these places and while I am sure for most of you who spent time there, you didn't get the chance to truly appreciate the beauty until your boots were safely back in the U.S.

Northern Afghanistan Travel Poster

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