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The Hold Fast Collective was established in 2016 with the purpose of continuing one of the military’s oldest traditions of creating certificates that tell the stories of where we have been, the things we have done, and the actions of those who have gone before us. The Hold Fast Collective is committed to embracing heritage, tradition, and unit pride by creating certificates that will become a lasting tradition of the unit and the individual’s story. Whether it’s in your office at work or in the hallway at home, these certificates are meant to be a reminder of the history that we are now a part of.



The phrase “Hold Fast” traces back to Norwegian and Dutch sailors who had the saying “houd vast” meaning “hold tight”. Upon first impression, the meaning of hold fast seems obvious, but to a sailor, “fast” is a term meaning to make tight.  If a sailor was to make fast the line, it would mean to make the rope tight.  Sailors being a superstitious group began to tattoo “hold fast” on the four front-facing fingers of each hand.  This was done for good luck while holding the lines and as a reminder that no matter what, the sailor would not let go.


Every branch is changing and every unit is striving to meet new demands. We will face new challenges, create new traditions, and write the next chapter in each branches history. It is the mission of The Hold Fast Collective to hold tight to history and tradition, remember our heritage, and create new traditions the will be around to remind the next generation of their past.

veteran owned & operated

Hold Fast Collective Artist-Joseph A Henry

Born and raised in Reno Nevada, Joseph Henry joined the Navy in 2009. After an 8 year career as a corpsman and a never ending request for tattoo designs, Joseph started the Hold Fast Collective to carry on the tradition of creating art that represents the history and heritage of military service members and their units. 

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