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The Certificate is meant to be a reminder of the history and elements of 3D Network Battalion. This certificate is only available to Marines and Sailors who have served with 3D Network Battalion both past and present.


Please include the following information in the text box above!



EX: HM1 John A. Smith or Sgt John A. Smith


Date you checked into Unit: ( OPTIONAL )

EX: 1 January 2017


1st Approving Signature: ( OPTIONAL )

EX: Col J. A. Smith

Battalion Commander

3D Network Battalion

2nd Approving Signature: ( OPTIONAL )

EX: Sgt. Maj. T. R. Jones

Battalion Sergeant Major

3D Network Battalion

3D Network Battalion Certificate

  • This certificate will fit directly into a 13x19 frame, but we would recommend buying an 18x24 frame and have matting cut to make a border.  This can be done at almost any frame/art store and it will be significantly cheaper if you buy the frame and matting yourself and ask the nice lady in the matting department to simply cut the matting to fit your certificate and frame. Having a matted edge will allow you space for extra things to be place around the certificate (coins, plaques, patches, military swag, you get it).


    Hold Fast Certificates are printed on a Matte Ultra white micro-porous photo paper using pigment ink to ensure the highest quality image and longest lasting print possible.  As is the case with all inkjet printed images, fading over time can occur if proper care is not given. In order to ensure the longevity of your certificate please do the following:


    1. Frame the cert behind glass to prevent fading due to air exposure

    2. Use UV blocking glass

    3. Keep away from windows where it will be exposed to direct sunlight. 

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