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The 2nd Marine Division Sticker features the 2nd Marine Division Insignia that was approved in late 1943. The insignia is in the official Marine Corps colors of scarlets and gold. The insignia displays a spearhead-shaped scarlet background with a hand holding aloft a light gold torch. The number "2" is superimposed upon the torch and the hand is encircled by five white stars in the arrangement of the Southern Cross constellation, under which the Division's first combat took place at Guadalcanal.  The Insignia is proudly displayed in front of fanned out playing cards with the unit symbols: The hand dealt to the CG to complete any mission assigned to 2D Marine Division.  Each 4" by 2.15" sticker is die cut and printed on a clear durable and weatherproof thick vinyl that protects the sticker from scratching, rain and sunlight. These stickers are also dishwasher safe so, slap them on anything from your favorite coffee mug to your trusty Rite In The Rain and be confident that a piece of your favorite imagery from the 2nd Marine Division certificate will be there to stay. 

2nd Marine Division Sticker

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