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The Fleet Marine Force four-piece collection is a new take on the classic Fleet Marine Force insignia. Each of these stickers  focus on a different campaign ribbon that is earned by members of the United States Armed Forces. This collection is meant for members of the United States Navy who have trained and qualified to perform duties in support of the United States Marine Corps. Even though these pins could not be worn on missions, it was customary for an FMF qualified sailor to carry their pins wherever they went. These pins become much more than just a piece of medal, they carry the stories and memories of that sailor while on deployment. This sticker is the Combat Action ribbon that features the ocean swells and beach of the FMF insignia in the classic colors of the Combat Action ribbon. Each 6" by 2.49" sticker is die cut and printed on a CLEAR durable and weatherproof thick vinyl that protects the sticker from scratching, rain and sunlight. These stickers are also dishwasher safe so, slap them on anything from your favorite coffee mug to your trusty Rite In The Rain and be confident that a piece of your favorite imagery from the FMF Ribbon collection will be there to stay.


FMF Combat Action Ribbon Sticker Clear Background

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