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This four-piece collection is homage to one of the fiercest fighting force the United States has ever seen. Nicknamed by the Germans in World War I “teufel hunden” or “devil dogs” because of how fiercely the Marines fought in the battle of Balleau Wood in France. The Bulldog quickly became the official mascot of the United States Marine Corps and has continued to represent this elite fighting force ever since. Each of these stickers focus on a different generation of warrior who have served and scarified for the United States Marine Corps. Each of these stickers features a war beaten Bulldog-wearing era specific gear for: World War I, World War II/Korean, Vietnam, and Lastly the wars in the Middle East. Each 3.19" by 5" sticker is die cut and printed on a CLEAR durable and weatherproof thick vinyl that protects the sticker from scratching, rain and sunlight. These stickers are also dishwasher safe so, slap them on anything from your favorite coffee mug to your trusty Rite In The Rain and be confident that a piece of your favorite imagery from the Devil Dog collection will be there to stay.

Devil Dog Series World War II/Korean War CLEAR Sticker

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