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THE OFFICIAL CERTIFICATE OF 2D Dental Battalion Battalion!


The Certificate is meant to be a reminder of the history and elements of 2D Dental Battalion Battalion. This certificate is only available to Marines and Sailors who have served with the 2D Dental Battalion Battalion both past and present.


Please include the following information in the text box above!



Sailor or Marine



EX: HM1 John A. Smith or Sgt John A. Smith


1st Approving Signature: ( OPTIONAL )

EX: Col J. A. Smith

Battalion Commander

2nd Battalion, 1st Marines

2nd Marine Division


2nd Approving Signature: ( OPTIONAL )

EX: HMC T. R. Jones

Battalion Chief

2nd Battalion, 1st Marines

2nd Marine Division


Date you checked into: ( OPTIONAL )

EX: 1 January 2017

2D Dental Battalion Battalion

  • We offer remakes instead of refunds. If there are any issues with your certificate that is due to a mistake made on our behalf we will gladly remake your certificate free off charge. If the mistake was made on your end or you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our sales team at and we will gladly address any issues on a case by case basis. 

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